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New Orleans Discount Golf Card FAQ | Golf Crescent City Membership Guidelines

New Orleans Golf Deal

The golf deal that Golf Crescent City offers its card-carrying members is so great that a handful of golfing skeptics don’t believe it’s true, or feel it’s riddled with fine print. But it is true. As true as true can be! And it also has very few limitations.

However, as with every great deal, to make this a win-win for both our partner New Orleans golf courses and our card-carrying members, there are some rules and guidelines we all must follow. After you read these Frequently Asked Questions, you can also read our full golf membership rules at the official rules page.

We believe it will be very obvious that the Golf Crescent City Membership Card is still the best golf discount offer in New Orleans.


So what’s the deal with this New Orleans golf membership card?

For all the answers, take a quick read below.

1. Is the golf card good all year?

Yes! It is valid from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Each course can be played one time during the calendar year. Once the golf ball next to each participating course is punched on your membership card, you can no longer play that course through our service.

2. Do I have to pay the cart fees?

To participate in the service, you MUST pay the cart fee (whether you walk or ride). But you can do the math — it is still a HUGE golf discount for New Orleans. We’ve done the math for you, and you are still saving nearly $500.

The best golf deal in New Orleans - 12 free green fees

3. How much are the cart fees?

The cost of each course’s cart fee varies. You can find each course’s cart fee by visiting each course page from our list of New Orleans-area partner golf courses.

4. Can I buy more than one golf card?

You can buy as many cards as you wish. However, each member-golfer is only allowed to use one card per year. Any additional cards you purchase must be given as gifts to family members or golfing buddies. We highly recommend getting four golfers together and purchasing our Foursome Golf Discount Package — which will save each golfer even more money!

5. Can I give the golf cards as gifts?

Yes! This is encouraged! In fact, we offer a golf group package “Foursome Pack” special that helps New Orleans golfers not only look like really nice people by giving three friends a golf discount card. But it also makes the perfect — and most inexpensive — New Orleans golf gift we can think of. Give a great gift to four golfers for under $200!

6. Can the person who uses the golf card be different than the person who activates it?

No. The golfer who uses each individual card must be the person who had originally activated the card. Name, email address and Membership Number must match. Members activate their card on our golf membership card activation page.

7. Where are the participating golf courses?

All within a 60-90-minute drive from downtown New Orleans. You can see each exact address and location from our New Orleans golf courses partners page.

The best deal in New Orleans golf

8. Do I have to be a “Member” to participate?

Yes. You must activate your membership discount golf card by providing your Membership Number (located on your golf card), email address and name. You do this only at our Official Golf Membership Card Activation Form.

9. Do I need to call ahead to book my tee time?

Yes. Our courses need to know you’re a member before you book your tee time, and before you show up for your tee time. This is perhaps the most important rule of them all because it ensures you receive the proper treatment from the courses, that the tee time restrictions are honored, and it helps the courses keep track of the value we are providing and the respectful golfers like you who are visiting their course.

10. Are there any restrictions on tee times?

Yes. You can use your golf card any day of the week! But the morning peak times on weekends and Holidays are restricted; you’ll need to book tee times on those days after 1pm. And of course they are not valid for tournament entry.


Remember that all rules are listed in detail on our rules page, included in the letter enclosed with your card when it is delivered to you, and printed directly on your Membership Card. If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest in Golf Crescent City and our partner courses!