Members-Only Massage Package

$150 $90 for Golf Crescent City Members Only!

Golf Massage DiscountThis 90 minutes of professional sports performance, tissue, neuromuscular, craniosacral, myofascial release and PNF techniques massage is great for anyone who is extremely active and needs to loosen up.


Plus! another exclusive. Body Art FITTness, LLC will also allow Golf Crescent City members to add any of the following services at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

  • Hot Stones: $15 $0
  • Hot Bamboo Sticks: $25 $0
  • Parrifin and scrub Hand treatment: $20 $0
  • Parrifin and scrub Foot treatment: $30 $0
  • Deep Muscle Enhancement Therapy: Application of Prossage and Biofreeze – $15 $0
  • Back Scrub: $20 $0
  • Cupping: $10 $0


amta-logoTo schedule this amazing deal, exclusively for card-carrying Golf Crescent City and Golf Baton Rouge Members, visit Body Art FITTness, LLC’s Contact Page and fill out their form. Make sure you tell them your Golf Crescent City Membership Number on your card.